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Digital food ordering is the future. Choose your favorite food, place orders ahead from your favorite restaurants, and collect after orders are ready!

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Order with Virtual Queue

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you can:



world-class menu and restaurants near you



Takeaway & Dine-in
orders in advance
w/ non-cash payment



ongoing orders



after orders are ready!

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Get SGD 7 Cash Reward

Get SGD 5 from DinnPoints.

Get SGD 2 from DinnCash topups.

Get SGD 7 Cash Reward

Gain DinnPoints

Gain DinnPoints 5 p. for every SGD 1 spent.

Refer us to your friends and gain up to DinnPoints 4,354 p. (worth approx. SGD 18).

Gain DinnPoints

Support Merchants

0% commission fee.

No more manpower shortage.

Let technology take orders for merchants.

Support Merchants

World-class Menu Everytime.

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