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Affordable and easy to use! Place orders with the food app using the online menu.

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Become a Merchant
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We Listen Taking Orders Digitally

We listen taking orders digitally

Digital Ordering is the Future

Let technology take orders for you.

Digital ordering is the future

Zero Commission

We do not charge commission.

Zero commission

Sponsored Promotions

We absorb your promotion cost on our platform.

Sponsored promotions

Win-Win Approach



Zero Cost Integration

Zero cost integration provides prospective for our services and months of risk-free trial.

Zero cost integration
Zero Cost

Gain more merchants on DinDinn Platform and inherit additional users from their existing customers.

Menu Optimization

Free food photography and descriptions to be displayed on your menu.

Menu optimization

Provide world-class menu to users with our communicative food photography.

Area Focused

Focusing on one area at a time enables relevant audience to conveniently discover you.

Area focused
Area Focused

More food options in focused areas generate better choices and promote better user experiences.

What We Do

While other platforms handle only some of your problems such as delivery, we take care of all your problems at DinDinn because we want you, as merchants, to focus on what you do best — preparing food, and only that.

We Listen Your Problems

We listen your problems

How DinDinn Works

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You sit back and relax while we take care of all necessary steps.


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